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The 6 Work Style Preferences are like a Rainbow, each with its own characteristic color, quality or attributes as described below. Sitting at a desk all day is not their idea of a great job.

Work style

By Carson Tate 3 minute Read Work style—or the way we think, structure, organize, and complete our work—is the foundation upon which businesses operate, grow, and thrive today.

Work style

And if everyone in your organization had a very big-picture, strategic, intuitive approach to completing projects and chafed against the structure of project plans, then you might frequently find yourself over budget and behind schedule.

Neither of these situations supports sustained business growth over time.

Here are three easy, yet bottom-line-valuable ways to start. In poker, they call them tells: We have the exact same tells in our work-flow styles.

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Does your colleague consistently complete work early, in advance of deadlines, or wait until the last minute?

Does your colleague send emails with only a few words or write novels? Does your colleague gesture and use their hands while talking?

Or are they more controlled and stoic in their movements?

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Observing your colleagues and noticing these tells, both subtle and overt, will give you clues as to their respective work styles. In any office you will find four basic types of work styles: They are focused on achieving the stated goal or outcome and will ensure that you stay on budget.

They do not miss a typo and will ensure that work is completed on time. They will ensure that all of the project stakeholders are up to date on the project and that your ideas are effectively communicated throughout the organization.

They will ensure variety in both thought and execution and ensure that you do not stagnate. Realistically you might not have a person who represents each of the four work styles, but you can ensure that their approach and thinking is represented by asking this series of questions about the project:1, Followers, 11 Following, 1, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from WORK NOT WORK (@worknotwork_style).

Work style

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The better you know your personal work style, the more you can tailor your approach and environment. But it’s not so simple as soon as you introduce other people into the equation.

Your team members have their own preferences, habits, and strategies—and those idiosyncrasies will occasionally clash with yours.


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