The views of emily dickinson on the concept of love

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The views of emily dickinson on the concept of love

Person, Poetry, and Place. My experiences on the third day may differ slightly from those of other participants as we divided into groups. As She Preserved Them. The concept is really interesting, and I really wish I had brought my copy of this book for Christanne Miller to sign.

I considered packing it and decided not to in order to save space. I hope I run into her again so I might get it signed.

She said that no edition is neutral; each edition is a lens into the times in which it was created. As such, while our modern audience might see Mabel Loomis Todd and Thomas Wentworth Higginson as heavy-handed editors, changing slant rhymes and word choices, a case can be made that they knew their audience well and were editing the poems to suit their audience.

Dickinson was ahead of her time. Miller also argues that Dickinson may not have distinguished much between poetry and letters.

The views of emily dickinson on the concept of love

Most tantalizing for me as a teacher was the fact that there is evidence Dickinson was instructed to select alternative word choices in her school compositions. Another issue that Miller acknowledged is that Dickinson made many typographical errors, often over and over.

Franklin retains these typographical and spelling errors in his edition of her poems. While Dickinson does use a lot of dashes, some of them may be commas and periods. If you examine the manuscripts, it is hard to tell whether or not the marks are dashes.

We all do such things when we are writing, especially in our drafts.

The views of emily dickinson on the concept of love

Miller believes that Dickinson composed at least the beginnings of her poems largely in her head. The last stanzas often include more variant word choices not that the beginning stanzas never do, but you see a lot in the last stanzas.


Also, the last stanzas are sometimes the most problematic. I know as a reader, I have more difficulty understanding the last stanzas of her poems. Also important for teachers: Dickinson tries out a number of speakers and perspectives.

She is delightful—funny, knowledgeable. Ackmann reminded us as teachers to slow down when we are reading and teaching Dickinson.

When Dickinson is ambiguous, she intends to be. We tend not to give her credit for being able to imagine experiences she never had or places she never went. She wanted to do more than publish; she wanted to be immortal, a subject discussed in many of her poems. After lunch, we took a self-guided landscape tour, which is something you can do yourself if you visit the Emily Dickinson Museum.

Emily dickinson’s “Tell all the Truth but Tell it Slant” Essay Sample

You can even use your cell phone and either call into a number to follow the tour or use the QR code provided. The tour was narrated mostly by poet Richard Wilbur.The two poems under investigation in this paper, Death is a Dialogue by Emily Dickinson and Death by William Butler Yeats are short commentaries on death and what it represents for human beings.

Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson's unusual character and style has made her become one of the world's most famous poets throughout the s. In her poems, she expresses her feelings about religion, nature, death and love.

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