The un and iraq essay

Hussein is utilizing the money he receives from illegal trade and plans to assist the people of Iraq for his ain personal usage.

The un and iraq essay

In this paper, I shall try to illustrate these three dimensions through a selective analysis of articles in major American publications.

On occasion, I shall try to contrast attitudes in American publications with those in foreign publications.

United Nations and the war in Iraq Essay Example for Free

One important point I want to make at the start is that when the UN is mentioned in the press, it can be perceived in any one of three ways. Too often those ways are merged, confused, or deliberately distorted. First and foremost, the UN is its member states; it is not a world government.

Since the UN is its member states, if the UN was marginalized, then what was actually marginalized, or ignored, was the international community. In other words, Washington acted almost unilaterally in going to war with Iraq. It ignored the wishes of the majority of governments in the world.

To say this is not to make a moral judgment. The third face of the UN is that of the secretariat, headed by the Secretary General, which consists of more than 9, employees worldwide.

If the Security Council requests the Secretary-General to send a team of mediators or a team of weapons experts to Iraq, for example, then the SG takes people from the Secretariat to do the job or he recruits foreign diplomats into the Secretariat to do the job.

The Secretary General may be called upon for any variety of reasons to help implement a decision of the Security Council. In recent past, he has been asked to send political officials, civilian affairs specialists, election officials, etc.

He is duty bound to respond to the demands of the various legislative bodies of the UN.

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But the UN Secretary General is not the head of a world government; he is the head of an intergovernmental organization. Moreover, the UN has not a single permanent soldier. All UN troops are on loan from member states.

The un and iraq essay

Thus, when UN troops are criticized for not taking effective action, the reason may be because the member states have not supplied sufficient troops, sufficient funds, or a strong enough mandate to get the job done. To be sure, there may be errors of judgment and performance by troops under the UN flag; but there can also be unrealistic expectations.

Much of the misperception of the UN is because of the confusion regarding its three faces. Press that is critical of the UN usually exploits this confusion. This reference to the United Nations clearly refers to a function of the UN secretariat, headed by the Secretary-General, who appoints the inspectors.

The statements quoted in the article were made during a Security Council debate, and were clearly identified as such. Preston made clear in this article that the authority of the United Nations came through the wishes of its member states. The next example, however, is troubling.

Reporters are often at the mercy of their editors, who compose the headlines to a story. Powell faced deep resistance to his call for a Security Council decision to authorize military force. Though headlines are frequently just a short and snappy way to refer to a story, in this case the brevity involved a distortion of the type discussed above.

It was not the UN, an intergovernmental entity, that was being called upon to act. It was the member states of the Security Council that were being called upon to act.

The headline could just as easily have read: While the distinction in this case may seem petty, this inaccuracy, when repeated time and again, has a way or confusing, in the minds of its readers, what the UN is and what it is not. In journalism there are sins of commission and sins of omission.

Avoidance of a story may reveal a bias, just as distortion may. The New York Times — the single most influential media outlet in the United States — still had not printed anything about the story.The UN’s actual record and role in Iraq during the past year have been somewhere between “terrible” and that of a scapegoat, and it is worth examining how the UN was perceived by the U.

S. press during that critical period, since U. S. support for the UN is both influenced by, and reflected in, the U. S. press. By the time the war began, it had become clear that the fastest way to increase oil outputs of Iraq as a result of lift UN sanctions, increase investment in the Iraqi oil .

United Nations countenances against Iraq, which were put in topographic point after the Iranian Gulf War, are aching the people of Iraq instead than Saddam Hussein himself. The Iraq war was over power, and UN Resolution insured U.S./U.K.

control over Iraq's oil revenue, contrary to reports that the Iraqi people wanted the United . WE WILL WRITE A CUSTOM ESSAY SAMPLE ON Iraq War ESSAY EXAMPLES SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU. Order now. Iraq War. This policy encompassed various economic sanctions by the United Nations Security Council, the enforcement by the War.

The Persian Gulf and Iraq Wars. The United Nations is a global organization that brings together its member states to confront common challenges, manage shared responsibilities and exercise collective action in an enduring quest.

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