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These stories have long been out of print. But Mike is now bringing his stories back to life in newly revised, rewritten editions, both eBook and paper, under his own imprint, Atoris Press. Prince Dulok of ShadzeaTyron the KalkhRo-lan of Borangaand others confront monsters, magic, and evil in ancient lands and upon distant worlds.

Mike sirota writing services

Horror Feb The Maidu Indians wanted no part of the white devils that came to their sacred land to hunt the shiny metal. But in Gold Rush miners in the Sierra Nevada foothills slaughter nearly all the inhabitants of the village of Kalkalya, trapping their s It hung just above the floor, along with others on the same theme.

The grim shrine to the Fire Valley Massacre stood before different incomparable and colorful backgro Only the Lord knows if we will be able to cross these Sierra mountains. January 2, Friday — Ada Krueger died.

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Horror Feb Review Mike Sirota is an absolute pro of a writer and, even for non-aficionados of ghost stories, these pages sing. Fantasy Aug When Jack Miller reaches the 22nd gear on his bike, he is transported to the Ultimate Bike Path, where he discovers rests with a sexy catwoman, chases windmills with Don Quixote, and coasts the gateway to hell.

Mike Sirota · January 17 · From the cornfields of Iowa to a weird planet in another galaxy my warped sense of humor comes through in my Sword & Planet spoof, THE . Author Mike Sirota on Writing and His Latest Work September 29, It’s been said that thriller and horror authors are the nicest people on the planet because they get all of their angst out in their fiction. Mike bought the Professional Growth resume-writing package, which includes a resume and two revisions. He was paired with a professional resume writer, Miranda, who worked with him to: Emphasise his foreign language translation proficiency and automotive industry work experience.

Fantasy Oct While visiting a race of giant babies and their midget parents, Jack Miller--a time and space traveler--stays overnight in a house of horrors and has a close encounter with Sharra, Queen of the Amazin' WomenWriting Services A resident of Southern Nevada since November of , Mike Henle has specialized in freelance writing for nearly 30 years.

His work has included four stories in . We have deleted a tweet about President Trump's claim that the U.S. is the only country that grants birthright citizenship because it failed to note that his statement was tranceformingnlp.comt Status: Verified.

Paper Help Is Coming: How to Rock Your Writing Assignments It is believed that the college period is carefree and exciting: you hang out, party, travel, then party again and it never stops.

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However, this is not completely true: your life cannot be absolutely careless when you are attacked by your professors who team up against you with lots of writing assignments. Mike's Trucking Service is a Dallas, TX based trucking company that aims to be one of the largest trucking companies in the USA.

mike sirota writing services

Mike's is initially focusing on the food industry with plans to diversify with new industries served. Our blog management services include writing fresh and unique content and posting it regularly to your blog.

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Mike Sirota is a professional consultant specializing in writing services. He has also penned some nineteen published titles, and written for and edited a news magazine. He shares his award-winning writing experience with students through various institutions and conferences, including the University of California San Diego Extension.

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