Influenza seminar

We can do better This seminar focuses on influenza vaccines. Since then, vaccine effectiveness has varied from year to year. In this seminar Professor Arnold Monto discusses how current, more sober, observations of vaccine effectiveness have helped us in understanding the ways our current vaccines might be improved.

Influenza seminar

Although flu-related morbidity and mortality vary from year to year, the CDC estimates that between five and 20 percent of Americans contract flu in a given year and thatpeople are hospitalized for treatment of flu-related complications.


Approximately 36, deaths a year result from flu-related causes in the United States cdc. Seasonal flu refers to any of the combinations of influenza viruses that circulate throughout the world each year.

The flu season in the United States can begin as early as October and run through March. The Center for Disease Control CDC tracks circulating flu viruses and related disease activity all year and, between October and May, provides weekly influenza updates at http: Pandemic flu refers to a global outbreak of flu that can overwhelm the health care system.

The cause is most likely a strain of influenza virus that is new or that has not circulated recently enough for large portions of affected populations to have built up gradual immunity to it.

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Therefore, healthy individuals are at risk for complications following infection during a pandemic flu outbreak. Seasonal flu, however, usually leads to fewer complications in healthy adults.

During the pandemic, for example, the estimated deaths from the disease and disease-related complications reached 20 to 40 million individuals globally.

Fortunately, pandemic flu outbreaks are rare.

Influenza seminar

There were only three pandemic outbreaks in the 20th century while seasonal flu is annual and peaks in January or February.common cold, continuing education, homestudy, influenza, seminar, webinar Post navigation.

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Influenza Deaths, Cytokine Storms, and Ineffective Flu Vaccines - DR. RUSSELL SCHIERLING

Wednesday, November Dr. David Shechner University of Washington "New tools for mapping the subcellular localization of RNAs (and their protein partners)". Medicine + Health is the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Science’s flagship publication that showcases the research and clinical expertise of the SMHS faculty.

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity will be holding a state-wide influenza seminar for residential aged care staff.

NCIRS Seminar Series #5 - Wednesday 19 September Vaccine safety and adverse events following immunisation: a practical approach. This seminar/webinar gives an overview of common expected and rarer serious adverse reactions following immunisation, the management and reporting of these adverse events. NEH Seminar for Schoolteachers • July , • Blacksburg Virginia and Washington DC Welcome to the NEH Summer Seminar on the Spanish Influenza of Follow links above to learn more about applications, schedule, visiting scholars, and more. Welcome To Department of Commerce. Department of Commerce, formally set up as a separate entity in , has imbibed the DSE tradition of exploring new .

The seminar will include presentations on infection prevention and control, vaccinations, responding to outbreaks and Commonwealth and . Overview: This course provides web-accessible training on influenza sentinel surveillance for public health practitioners and laboratorians.

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Participants learn what kinds of data to collect from influenza patients and patient specimens, and the methods of collecting these data. Board of Medical Examiners and Medical Licensure Commission Newsletter and Report. The Board newsletter contains information impacting licensees and a list of disciplinary actions against licensees.

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