Blue book citation police report

The fight began, many women were saying, with the body, which seemed to be the beginning of the exploitation of women-as sex plaything weak and incompetentas pregnant woman helplessas middle-aged woman no longer considered beautifulas older woman to be ignored, set aside. A biological prison had been created by men and society. I have a very clear, keen memory of myself the day after I was married: I was sweeping a floor.

Blue book citation police report

Blue book citation police report

Additional Resources Book Example Clicking on an orange bracketed and labeled selection below will take you to the portion of this guide discussing the appropriate citation format and bluebook rules. Author Rules Law Review Typeface: Smallcaps Personal Authors Author names should be included in full just as they appear in the original publication.

Include such designations as "Jr. The Future of Arms Control Compliance If a cited work has two authors, include both names Blue book citation police report the same order as they appear in the original separated by an ampersand. For more than two authors, provide the first name followed by "et al.

What Matters and Why If there is particular relevance in listing all author names, list them in them in the order they appear in the original source, separated by commas except for the final name, which is separated only by an ampersand without a comma.

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Institutional Authors If the author of a work is an institution, provide the complete name. In some circumstances, a particular individual within an institution will be given authorial credit.

Use the abbreviation "U. This differs from the rule prohibiting the abbreviation of United States as part of a case name, discussed here in this guide. Editors and Translators The full name of any editors and translators is included in a parenthetical. Title Rules Bluebook Rule 20th: Smallcaps Provide the title of a work as it appears on the title page, but follow the capitalization rules of Bluebook rule 8.

Blue book citation police report

In general, this rule requires that all words be capitalized except: Always capitalize both the first word of a title and the first word following a colon.

Getman, Restoring the Power of Unions: It Takes a Movement Jacqueline Stevens, States Without Nations: Citizenship for Mortals Sanford Levinson, Wrestling with Diversity Problems, Cases, and Materials When you are citing to a work that has been published by the same publisher more than once, you should cite the edition and the year it was published in the parentheses.

Smallcaps for author names; italics for "Id. Use of both "Id. Sanford Levinson, Wrestling with Diversity 25 A Biography 33 Levinson, supra note 1. Newman, supra note 2 at Generally, rule 4 will provide guidance for proper short-form citation of this type of authority, as is discussed under general short-form citation rules in this guide.

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Works in a collection short-form rules Rule The title of the entire work, however, should always be used instead of the author. If the entire title would be cumbersome or confusing to use with "supra," a "hereinafter" citation may be appropriate, as is discussed elsewhere in this guide.

Supra should also be used to refer to the short work if it has been previously cited and Id. In this case, use the author name with "supra.On Thanksgiving Day , at the annual celebration of the landing of the Pilgrims, the authorities decided to do something different: invite an Indian to make the celebratory speech.

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The definition, (used, especially before a noun, with a specifying or particularizing effect, as opposed to the indefinite or generalizing force of the indefinite article a or an): the book you gave me; Come into the house.

See more. Welcome to the Southwestern College Police webpage. The policy of the Southwestern Community College District Governing Board to provide public safety protection to the college community; its students, faculty and staff members and to protect the property of the District.

Understanding the Rules of Legal Citation. Begin by writing “” then the page number of the police report in the record. This informs the judge of the specific page number of the record so that they can take a look at the police report.

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