Abdel fattah el sisi thesis

Army War College, within an essay by Eric Trager. As documented earlier and re-affirmed in an e-mail exchange below with the U. Army War College Library Sent: Tuesday, August 06,

Abdel fattah el sisi thesis

Basic Infantry Course, US [29] Military career, — El-Sisi received his commission as a military officer in serving in the mechanised infantryspecialising in anti-tank warfare and mortar warfare.

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While a member of the Supreme Council, he made controversial statements regarding allegations that Egyptian soldiers had subjected detained female demonstrators to forced virginity tests.

He is reported to have told Egypt's state-owned newspaper that "the virginity-test procedure was done to protect the girls from rape as well as to protect the soldiers and officers from rape accusations. Sisi was sitting on the left back seat.

He also promoted him to the rank of colonel general. US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Egyptian Defense Minister el-Sisi in Cairo3 March After el-Sisi was appointed as minister of defence on 12 Augustthere were concerns in Egypt regarding rumours that General el-Sisi was the hand of the Muslim Brotherhood in the army, though el-Sisi has always declared that the Egyptian army stands on the side of the Egyptian people.

On 28 Aprilduring celebrations for Sinai Liberation Day, el-Sisi said that "the hand that harms any Egyptian must be cut". However, the statement was interpreted by Morsi supporters as a warning to Morsi opponents that el-Sisi would not allow an overthrow of the government.

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He remained in office under the new government formed after the deposition of Morsi, and led by Hazem al-Beblawi. He was also appointed Deputy Prime Minister of Egypt. On 27 Januaryhe was promoted to the rank of field marshal. Clashes took place around Egypt.

Soon afterwards, the Egyptian Army issued a hour ultimatum which aired on television that gave the country's political parties until 3 July to meet the demands of the anti-Morsi demonstrators. The Egyptian military also threatened to intervene if the dispute was not resolved by then.

Abdel fattah el sisi thesis

The army then installed Adly Mansour as the interim head of state in his place until a new president could be elected, and ordered the arrest of many members of the Muslim Brotherhood on charges of "inciting violence and disturbing general security and peace.

On 24 Julyduring a speech at a military parade, el-Sisi called for mass demonstrations to grant the Egyptian military and police a "mandate" to crack down on terrorism. This action resulted in rapidly escalating violence that eventually led to deaths of peopleof whom were peaceful protestors with at least 3, injured according to the Ministry of Health in addition to several violent incidents in various cities including Minya and Kerdasa.

Speaking to The Washington Posthe criticised the US response and accused the Obama administration of disregarding the Egyptian popular will and of providing insufficient support amid threats of a civil war, saying, "You left the Egyptians.

You turned your back on the Egyptians, and they won't forget that. During his speech he said in a warning way that the Egyptian people "will never forget who stood with them or against them". El-Sisi described 6 October as "a day to celebrate for all Arabs", hoping for the "unification of Arabs".

He also thanked "Egypt's Arab brothers, who stood by its side. He also compared the Egyptian army to the Pyramid, saying that "it cannot be broken". In the next month, the government awarded building contracts worth approximately one billion dollars to the Egyptian Army.

Also in Septemberthe interim government removed detention limits without trial for certain crimes, allowing certain unconvicted political dissidents to remain in detention indefinitely.

In Novemberel-Sisi's government banned protests in an attempt to combat the growing pro-Brotherhood unrest; the police arrested thousands of Egyptians using the new law.The Obama administration embraced Egypt’s Defense Minister and coup leader, General Abdel Fatah El-Sisi, despite having first-hand knowledge of his radical Islamist views, documents obtained by Judicial Watch show.

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Leaders who took power by coup

Army War College (USAWC) has been sitting on a thesis. August 23, —On El Sisi’s Democracy General Abdel Fattah El Sisi’s Army War College Thesis on Democracy in the Middle East is worth a read to . May 25,  · As a student at the United States Army War College, in Carlisle, Pa., during the Iraq war in and , Gen.

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi wrote a 17 . Entissar Mohameed Amer El-sisi (Arabic: انتصار عامر ‎‎; also spelled Intissar Amer) is the wife and cousin of the Sixth President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the First Lady of Egypt since 8 June Nowhere is the poisonous mix of demographic stress, political repression and economic incompetence more worrying than in Egypt under its strongman, Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi.

Abdel fattah el sisi thesis

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