A discussion on the issue of staff shortage and job satisfaction and how it could be solved

The 3 Types of Nursing Sensitive Indicators The 3 Types of Nursing Sensitive Indicators Posted on November 9, Efforts to define the quality of nursing practice began with Florence Nightingale, as she worked to improve hospital conditions and measure patient outcomes. More recently, research linking hospital nurse staffing issues and adverse patient outcomes has caught the attention of those both inside and outside of health care.

A discussion on the issue of staff shortage and job satisfaction and how it could be solved

Rationing in the United Kingdom occurred mainly during and after the world wars From to during prohibition in the United Statesthe creation of a black market for liquor was created due to the low supply of alcoholic beverages.

During the oil crisisduring which long lines and rationing was used to control demand. In the former Soviet Union during the s, prices were artificially low by fiat i.

Soviet citizens waited in line or "queued" for various price-controlled goods and services such as cars, apartments, or some types of clothing.

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From the point of view of those waiting in line, such goods were in perpetual "short supply"; some of them were willing and able to pay more than the official price ceiling, but were legally prohibited from doing so. This method for determining the allocation of goods in short supply is known as " rationing ".

From the mids through the s, shortages in Venezuela occurred, due to the Venezuelan government's economic policies; [2] such as relying on foreign imports while creating strict foreign exchange controlsput price controls in place and having expropriations result with lower domestic production.

As a result of such shortages, Venezuelans had to search for products, wait in lines for hours and rationing was initiated, with the government allowing the purchase of a certain amount of products through fingerprint recognition.

For instance, consider the shortage of recreational drugs discussed above, and the controversies around the use of such drugs. Likewise, consider the economic shortage of cars in the Soviet Union during the s: On the one hand, people had to wait in line to buy a new car; on the other hand, cars were more affordable than they would have been at market prices.

Shortages and "longages"[ edit ] Garrett Hardin emphasised that a shortage of supply can just as well be viewed as a "longage" of demand.

For instance, a shortage of food can just as well be called a longage of people overpopulation. By looking at it from this view, he felt the problem could be better dealt with.

Such a condition is sometimes referred to by economists as "an insufficiency in the labour force. However, that often does not match people's common perceptions.

For example, if wages alone are the best measure of labour shortages, then that would imply that doctors, instead of farm workers, should be imported because doctors are far more expensive than farm workers.

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However, there are institutionally-imposed limits on the number of doctors that are allowed to be licensed. The Atlantic slave trade which originated in the early 17th century but ended by the early 19th century was said to have originated from perceived shortages of agricultural labour in the Americas particularly in the Southern United States.

A discussion on the issue of staff shortage and job satisfaction and how it could be solved

It was thought that bringing African labor was the only means of malaria resistance available at the time.The nursing shortage in the United States could grow to more than one million nurses by (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], ).

Among all health care settings, home health care agencies are projected to be the most. All participants must complete a two-week job readiness course, followed by an intensive eight-week training program that addresses clinical and other job skills, as well as a range of issues, such as how to deal with diversity of residents and staff, and personal skills development (e.g., money management).

The shortage of physicians had no impact on staff satisfaction regarding the operation of their work unit, the strain of dealing with issues within their work environment, feelings of stress, the strain of working under pressure that they experienced, or interest in finding a new job.

Conclusion. The Issue in Focus.

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The discussion about integrating an organization's risk and quality activities is not new. Writing in about how rural hospitals are "doing more with less," a hospital risk manager and quality improvement professional described how risk management and quality assurance, as the functions was previously called, were using a collaborative approach to share data to enhance.

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A multi-country study on job satisfaction among different categories of health workers (including nurses) found low job satisfaction and high intention to leave the workplace among South African nurses, with 41% actively seeking other jobs.

However, a different instrument was used in this study, so the results may not be comparable.

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