A description of matthew arnolds poem dover beach

The poem makes no particular attempt to follow the clipped, elliptical, semi-conversational style of the more realistic monologues of Robert Browning, but rather presents a more meditative poem, dominated by three extended images that not only carry the meaning of the poem but also provide much of the emotional and imaginative impact. The first image mixes sight and sound and occupies the entire first section of the poem. The poet begins with a broad general view from the horizon, coming closer to that which is in the forefront of his view, the sea meeting the moon-blanched land, whence comes the disturbing sound. The deceptive calm of the opening lines is undercut by the grating surf on the beach.

A description of matthew arnolds poem dover beach

Summary… This is a poem about a sea and a beach that is truly beautiful, but holds much deeper meaning than what meets the eye.

The poem is written in free verse with no particular meter or rhyme scheme, although some of the words do rhyme.

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Arnold is the speaker speaking to someone he loves. As the poem a progress, the reader sees why Arnold poses the question stated above, and why life seems to be the way it is. In this way, Arnold is setting the mood or scene so the reader can understand the point he is trying to portray.

In lines he is talking about a very peaceful night on the ever so calm sea, with the moonlight shining so intensely on the land.

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The sea is starting to become rougher and all agitated. Throughout the whole poem, Arnold uses a metaphor to describe his views and opinions. The whole poem is based on a metaphor — Sea to Faith.

When the sea retreats, so does faith, and leaves us with nothing. In the last nine lines, Arnold wants his love and himself to be true to one another. In reality, Arnold is expressing that nothing is certain, because where there is light there is dark and where there is happiness there is sadness.

Arnold uses much alliteration in the poem. The diction Arnold uses creates a sense of peacefulness and calmness.

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It is fairly easily understood vocabulary, with the exception of a few words, such as cadence and darkling. When everything is going perfectly, something unfortunate may happen at any given time, with no forewarning.His poem, "Dover Beach," depicted a nightmarish world from which the old religious verities have receded.

It is sometimes held up as an early, if not the first, example of the modern sensibility. Dover Beach by Matthew tranceformingnlp.com sea is calm tonight. The tide is full the moon lies fair Upon the straits on the French coast the light Gleams and is gone the cliffs of England.

Page/5(57). Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach" Matthew Arnold Biography Arnold, "perhaps the most serious man alive," was a well-known poet as well as a social and literary critic ("Matthew Arnold"). Analysis of “Dover Beach” by Matthew Arnold Essay Sample “Dover beach” is a beautiful poem written by a famous poet, Matthew Arnold; from the romantic era.

The poem is melancholic and pessimistic in nature and shows human misery through the ages. Dover Beach" is a lyric poem by the English poet Matthew Arnold. Critics have noted the careful diction in the opening description, the overall, spell-binding rhythm and cadence of the poem and its dramatic character.

A description of matthew arnolds poem dover beach

Park Honan, Matthew Arnold, a life. Matthew Arnold (24 December – 15 April ) was an English poet and cultural critic who worked as an inspector of schools.

He was the son of Thomas Arnold, the famed headmaster of Rugby School, and brother to both Tom Arnold, literary professor, and William Delafield Arnold, .

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